LOVEview to reflect


“The Reflective Property”

Soft memories of a life well lived.
I’m thinking back and loving every moment I had.
This dull feeling is working through me, and every waking moment is more static.
As I step onto my porch of reflection, a brief wind of warmth is swept through me.
We succeed in order to bring forth order in our lives.
You have all felt it – the emptiness of being alone.
Zoloft will not cure it, human touch will not solve it.
This black, cold world is potent.
Please bless the children, please heal their cries.
A sweet sound is heard in my waking life.
Tremors of anguish ripple through visions and dreams.
Cries heal a starving nation facing death and destruction.
“Fault Line” album Rescue and Restore

We all hurt
We all need
We all cry
We all bleed
Their dreams, their desires, they consume me
The good, the bad, the ugly aren’t too much to take
I’ve been put in this position, but now I can’t bear to leave
Stand here with me
Together we’ll get through this
Stand here with me, and we’ll wash it all away
Without you I’m nothing
Yes, I’ve come to understand this
Without you I’m worthless
Yes, I’ve come to understand this
I’ve been handed my life by you
The least I can do is listen
Pull me aside, and step inside
I’ll listen to your horror stories
Let this song be your motivation
Let your life be your inspiration
You can’t hide your fear in this chorus forever
If I could do more I promise you I would, but this is your time now
Whisper your grief
Scream your sorrow
Proclaim your love
Just don’t call me your hero
Tell me your stories
I’ll lend you my ears
Tell me your horror
I’ll make it disappear
I’m absorbing the impact of the young at heart
We all hurt
We all need
We all cry, and we all bleed.
We have hope.
“Beauty In Tragedy” album Rescue and Restore

There is beauty in tragedy
The heart won’t stop beating,
But the end is a new beginning
We’ll soar above the skyline of reality
And reach towards a love ever after
As we’re grasping onto faith to keep us breathing a little longer, a little longer
For just one moment with one another, with one another
This night is pulling on my heart’s strings,
These feelings bring tears to my eyes
To see you leave my world
Leave my side
Hear the angels sing,
As they embrace you with a warm
“Welcome home”, with a warm “Welcome home”
Hear the angels sing.
Hear the angels sing.Tomorrow,
The air will be a little colder
But I’ll be sure to breathe for the both of us.
And the nights
May be a little darker
But I’ll be sure to carry the torch to warm the hearts
That never got to feel yours

I can’t hear your voice,
I can’t hear your voice
But that’s okay
Cause I can feel you in my heart

One morning I’ll wake up to you,
One morning I’ll hear the angels sing.
On that morning we won’t be worried about the weather
Nor will we mind where the hands lay on the clock tower.

I’ll be sure to write your name in the sand
Where the waves can’t wash it away

Until then I’ll walk,
Until then I’ll breathe in your name!
Never surrender the dream you had for this world
To love
To forgive
To make something out of nothing!