LOVEview Wishy washy

Eclipse Of The Soul

written by poet Noel Villarosa.


Plants harmonize to the sun to bring life aglow

And to rest at the night’s luminary

The sea is waiting for the wind to blow

And serve as cradle for fish hatchery


And mankind, on the hustle and bustle of each day

Gyrate on a merry-go-round, so tedious

Withal, a wishy-washy self

And a thrall of his own fear

Thither that place called ‘hades’

And in his dream the edelweiss and wisteria

Go down to ecocide

The fierce billow has taken many billet doux

Into a forlorn land

Pensive for a homing pigeon to carry his thought to God

That once awaken, a harmonica is playing

And a new paradise for dwelling

Many at threescore are not contented

And praying for a longer life

But many committed blasphemy so umpteen

And now yelling for the forgiveness of sin

And the fracas he brought to nature


Now mankind is waiting for the great covenant

For the realization of life, truth, and love as above all

And the destruction of sin, sickness, and death

Before he sees the complete eclipse of his soul



Written and posted in poetry site: 28 October 2009