the edge

PROCESS of intimidation, WHO do I follow?


Those angry words and fear based intimidation

Are they scaring tactics used like an ultimatum?

Most people will tell you “We don’t like that style”

Any day of the week they’d much prefer your smile


The scars are inflamed as we swallow our pride

Defensive swipes at reality is a choice we decide

Conceding defeat brings the grey coloured streak

Stress and anxiety has been bound and gagged all week


If it smells like competition question who’s in control

The ego challenging mind helps to dig a bigger hole

Then watch over your shoulder for those already under

The spell designed to infect your natural sense of wonder


Slicing through on the cutting edge some lead by example

Are they heading for tomorrow feeling sacrificed and trampled?

The path may be difficult, a seemingly endless task

Will “power and glory” bring us sunshine in which to bask?


If your inklings are strong stop and feel what is true

Surrendering to “what is” could create something new

Do unto others…. remember that line?

Follow your heart’s truth and look for the sign