LOVEview… BIG hugs

and gentle nudges

Knowledge is Power

Wisdom is Grace


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

27th February, 1807 – 24th March, 1882



Writing the Wrongs

sHe/U sees wrongs justified as distraction

forgive and forget let’s move on

sHe/U writes and longs for a workable reaction

same channel with a different song

forgive you forget we …..must stay strong

H ❤ I


You Better Believe It

ready to fly….. You Better Believe It

“last tug boat to part the water

and Im diving for it

a little swallow inside saying, “Fly Baby”

How can I ignore it”

Vintage Trouble – You Better Believe It


WASP watch


Mud wasp just buzzed by

Wants to set up camp

In my speakers

Hovering right in front of my face

Cheeky little insect

Turn it up…

I reach for my remote

Neil Finn sings

“better be home soon”

Holy shit, that’s loud

Take it down a notch I thinks

Blasted the cobwebs out of my ears

Loud enough to remind me

If I knock it down she just starts again

This wasp keeps re-building her nest

Inside the speaker

She’s heading home

Good vibrations I’d say

In this Crowded House





sinking into a deeper sleep

switched off by fear of waking up

light bulbs blowing fuses

main circuit must be corrupt

H ❤  I