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HONEYsuckle Flower Power

“My vines climb to great heights.”
March 21 – April 19
If you are born under the sign of the honeysuckle you are sweet to the senses of others. Meaning, you naturally entice others with your charm and grace. You have a smooth confidence that attracts a wide variety of friends and business partners. Just as bees can’t resist the lure of the honeysuckle – people can’t resist your energy. You are the first of the flower signs and so you are assertive and a natural leader of the vine. Honeysuckle people are strong and determined, weaving their way through any challenge, and are quite deft at finding innovative solutions.See Aries.


Sky Priestess

It’s one of the rarest meteorological phenomenon – and beach goers were treated to the sight of it for over an hour.

An incredible ‘fire rainbow’ floated in the air over South Carolina on Sunday, thankfully lingering so that it could be photographed and posted to social media.

The phenomenon is actually a cloud formation, formally referred to as a circumhorizontal arc.

A rare ‘fire rainbow’ was spotted overhead on August 19 (last year) along a beach in Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Viewers were understandably enchanted by the iridescent cloud over the Isle of Palms.

One visitor, Tracey Smith, even noted that the cloud resembled a multi-coloured angel hovering in the sky in her Instagram snap.

Tracey also said that the cloud formation lasted overhead for about an hour, reported the local

The phenomenon was first dubbed a ‘fire rainbow’ back in 2006, when one was spotted by a Washington journalist. And meteorologist Justin Lock told 14 News that a strict set of conditions are required for such phenomena to appear.

They only occur in high-level cirrus clouds, which usually form about 18,000ft. They appear thin and wispy and are made up of tiny ice crystals.

‘To produce the rainbow colours the sun’s rays must enter the ice crystals at a precise angle to give the prism effect of the color spectrum,’ Lock said, adding the sun must be at an altitude of at least 58 degrees above the horizon.

The same sort of thing occurs when we see coloruful sunsets. In those instances, high-level cirrus clouds produce many colours due to the sun’s low angle, meaning that we see reds, oranges and purples.

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I’m a believer



And all of me

Delusion or worth trying?

When I wanted sunshine I got rain

You gave 369 reasons for me to believe in you

you bring me in close you back off and it drives me insane

All I wanted was to feel close to real love

Following you with shades of envy

Green turning into blue

You know how

To play




still waters run deep


WHAT if?

All the important people we know

and trust

The ones we place upon

that pedestal

Don’t really want to be there anymore?

What if…


the little guys

without letters against our name

insist that they stay there

for us to look up to?

What if…

They, all of a sudden

realise they have been stuck

deeper than the rest of us

by forces beyond anyone’s control?

What if….

They were led to believe

they were far more superior

and entitled to be

reaping rewards for their sowing?

What if…

Once released from these obligations

and contracts to serve

by keeping people safe within the system

They become  lost ?

H ❤  I

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