sweet romances

Wondering while wandering

Always roaming looking for answers

Reflections shining back at me

More questions and sweet romances


Reach inside your own heart’s Inkling

Instead of endlessly searching outside

Don’t dismiss the lovely experiences though

Enjoy the journey, dream on… Warm Ride

H ❤ I

 No Bad Habits album




the colour of my LOVE

Celine Dion album: “The Colour Of My Love” (1993)  buy this CD or download MP3s at amazon.com!

The Power Of Love
Think Twice
Only One Road
Everybody’s Talking My Baby Down
Next Plane Out
Real Emotion
When I Fall In Love
Love Doesn’t Ask Why
Refuse To Dance
I Remember L.A.
No Living Without Loving You
Lovin’ Proof
Just Walk Away
The Colour Of My Love
To Love You More