Dear Richard

There is nothing the matter with Americans except their ideals. The real American is all right; it is the ideal American who is all wrong. Gilbert K. Chesterton
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British entrepreneur Richard Branson handed over a petition with more than a million signatures to the UN, urging governments to protect at least 30 percent of the world’s oceans by 2030.

Speaking to reporters after the first Ocean Conference convened by the United Nations, Branson reiterated his criticism of US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, saying it didn’t make sense.

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Richard Branson petitions UN for oceans protection

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On Descending

I smell fear !

Is it yours or is it mine ?

Sensing you are nearby

Close encounters for the third time

in as many days

Making yourself visible

pretending to cross paths


Yes it worked

Melancholy thoughts reached out

Clicking through the emotional dial

Sending ones Heart compass into a spin

Parts of me split off

Following you

Longing to be with you

Up there

where we belong

Almost tripped over my own heart

as it fell to the ground

watching you fly past

The moments had slipped through the cracks

before I could cross the line

I paused at the top of the stairs

looking back

before Descending

With an overwhelming capital D for Doubt

clouding my judgement

Now the deep breath

shudders the chain reaction 

Exhaling what’s left

out slips that sigh of sighs

It’s all I can do


Allow the experience without judgement

Refusing to label this

a sickness


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LOVE lift us up where we belong


branch stacking for PEACE

They sampled my fruit and made trophies from my leaves.  Branches are now stripped bare and strategically stacked for the ceremonial bonfire.  As I send out the last twig, with a first-class pigeon named Hope, I honour those before me and offer to light the spark in your bonfire heart.





Here am I

sitting in a tin can

far away from home

Planet earth is screwed

and there is nothing I can do


and follow me

thy Kingdom come


San Pedro

If you have misplaced an overactive ego

and dispossessed a fighting spirit

then you are probably Cactus !