trunk call


drunk on the moon

He’s still the keeper of my flame

The speaker of my secret name

The guiding hand, the history

The heart, the soul, the willow tree

The things we never can regain

You close around me like the night

and set fidelity to flight

The fire burns, the tender touch

The hollow words that mean so much

And feed this restless appetite

I lost my head

I said things I’ll come to regret

When I was drunk on the moon

You seemed so sure

Turning the key to my door

When I was drunk on the moon

Drove past your place again today

A little virtue slipped away

The wheels they turn, the old routines

You ring the changes unforeseen

And sow the seeds of disarray

I lost my head

I said things I’ll come to regret

When I was drunk on the moon

You seemed so sure

Turning the key to my door

When I was drunk on the moon

SPOT THE DOG – Drunk On The Moon

Written by Mark Cryle SPOT THE DOG – Nadia Sunde, Mark Cryle, Cathy Bell, Richard Evans, Keith Megson

(DRUNK ON THE MOON  1998) from the same album….

Mark Cryle – I Don’t Think You Care Anymore

ipad 186

honeysuckle hummingbird

Whispering a beautiful and timeless message

Using a language beyond the spoken word

Honeysuckle sings the sweetest songs of love

Reaching heights attracting hummingbird

Entwined memories lay deep within the heart

Alluring fragrance unlocking the secrets of time

Holding a power to heal misunderstandings

The gift of flowers that became yours and mine

HeartSinkling LOVEview

Honeysuckle – the new will blossom as we learn from the past – adapt and endure

Hummingbird – the sweetest nectar is within




In Buddhist Thailand Thursday is considered the “Teacher’s Day”, and it is believed that one should begin one’s education on this auspicious day. Thai students still pay homages to their teachers in specific ceremony always held on a selected Thursday. And graduation day in Thai universities, which can vary depending on each university, almost always will be held on a Thursday.

In the Thai solar calendar, the colour associated with Thursday is orange.

In most Romance languages, the day is named after the Roman god Jupiter, who was the god of sky and thunder. In Latin, the day was known as Iovis Dies, “Jupiter’s Day”



In Japanese the word Wednesday is 水曜日(sui youbi), meaning ‘water day’ and is associated with 水星 (suisei): Mercury (the planet), literally meaning “water star”. Similarly, in Korean the word Wednesday is 수요일 (su yo il), also meaning water day.

HOLD me close, don’t let me go

“Love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves; we simply awaken it. But in order to do that, we need the other person. The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with.”–Paulo Coelho

LOVEview…. please speak to me

Come and hold my hand

I want to contact the living

Not sure I understand

This role I’ve been given

I sit and talk to God

And he just laughs at my plans

My head speaks a language

I don’t understand