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changing of the tides



To Know a Veil



get me out of here !

ABC’s “To Know a Veil”

“Absolutely at your service

…forever we will Obey”

Attention to detail on how to act

…they’ll teach you their correct way

“Believe everything we tell you

…sit still while we adjust”

Brainwashing into submission

…from here you will oppose the word Trust

“Carry on regardless

…even if it hurts your head”

Courage is the only antidote

…down this path you must be led

“Dangers are presented now

…we’ll put you to the test”

Dilemma spells result to make you

…better than your best

“Eventually you will follow our rules

…and do exactly as we say”

Even when it seems so wrong

…and they tell you it’s OK

“Follow the path we designed for you

…and you’ll make us all so proud”

“Forget joining that Rock and Roll band

…the music is way too loud”

Growing up looks black and white

…nobody likes colours mixed

Girls and boys in their rightful place

…stay in line with their eyes fixed

“Hunger for something different

…we can’t express this to anyone”

“Happiness is that thought somewhere

…imagination will somehow run”

Interconnected by technology

…it’s taught like second nature

“Intelligence is downloaded

…dare not treat it like a stranger”

Jealousy won’t settle the score

…about science verses spirituality

Join as one harmonize in song

…we’ll find wonderful commonality

Knights and kindred spirits

…slaying dragons and nasty beasts

Killing will become obsolete

…traded in for sumptuous feasts

Lions will lay down with lambs

…extraordinary! they will say

Lead him not into temptation

…of hunting his natural prey

Noah reincarnated here

…Moses spoke with his burning bush

Men and Women will recognise

…leadership is not about the push

Narcissistic recollections sold

…counting sheep through lucky stars

No need to pay back that deed

…shepherds will heal the deepest scars

Oppressed we were downtrodden

…thoughts gather in our sleep

Overreaction is a mind made hold

…pray that your soul does not keep

Poets Priests and Politicians

…steer you down their garden path

Planting seeds of possibilities

…paper daisies make you laugh

Quietly contemplating

…whether or not to take a leap

Quantum theories will provide a clue

…about the benefits you will reap

Rest assured there are no prisoners

…no victims or perpetrators

Resurrected customs and tribes

…LOVEview our facilitators

Salvation will be delivered

…from sin and it’s consequences

Sitting still and waiting

…is like perching on high fences

Time is NOT your essence

…..your essence will never run out

Transcend fear to embrace your own style

….flow with grace is what it’s about



Understanding your own nature

…..letting the many stories go

Ultimately sets your spirit free

….guiding the Heart inklings to grow

Victims and play acting

…..will still be part of that game

Visibility now to see beyond

…..finds the big picture to stay sane

Wherever you may wander

……make the journey light and amusing

Wonderful discoveries unfold

…..when your higher self is choosing

X-rated thoughts run amok

…..pull them back to projecting PG

Xerox these reminders

…’s really that easy

Yesterday’s and tomorrows

….simply fade into the distance

You learn to stay in present time

….NOW you own your piece de resistance

Zero slides to full blast

… can rock into new vibrations

Zealously moving your whole body

… into higher expectations

H ❤ I


Sky Priestess

It’s one of the rarest meteorological phenomenon – and beach goers were treated to the sight of it for over an hour.

An incredible ‘fire rainbow’ floated in the air over South Carolina on Sunday, thankfully lingering so that it could be photographed and posted to social media.

The phenomenon is actually a cloud formation, formally referred to as a circumhorizontal arc.

A rare ‘fire rainbow’ was spotted overhead on August 19 (last year) along a beach in Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Viewers were understandably enchanted by the iridescent cloud over the Isle of Palms.

One visitor, Tracey Smith, even noted that the cloud resembled a multi-coloured angel hovering in the sky in her Instagram snap.

Tracey also said that the cloud formation lasted overhead for about an hour, reported the local

The phenomenon was first dubbed a ‘fire rainbow’ back in 2006, when one was spotted by a Washington journalist. And meteorologist Justin Lock told 14 News that a strict set of conditions are required for such phenomena to appear.

They only occur in high-level cirrus clouds, which usually form about 18,000ft. They appear thin and wispy and are made up of tiny ice crystals.

‘To produce the rainbow colours the sun’s rays must enter the ice crystals at a precise angle to give the prism effect of the color spectrum,’ Lock said, adding the sun must be at an altitude of at least 58 degrees above the horizon.

The same sort of thing occurs when we see coloruful sunsets. In those instances, high-level cirrus clouds produce many colours due to the sun’s low angle, meaning that we see reds, oranges and purples.

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J-jack F-stop

aperture adjustments


“Driftwood floats, after years of erosion

incoming tide touches roots to expose them

Quicksand steals my shoes

Clouds bring the F-Stop Blues”

jack johnson

JACK JOHNSON album: “Brushfire Fairytales” (2001)  buy this CD or download MP3s at!

Inaudible Melodies
Middle Man
Sexy Plexi
Bubble Toes
Fortunate Fool
The News
Drink The Water
F-Stop Blues
Losing Hope
It’s All Understood


yours gratefully

gratefully yours, in love and fear afraid of drowning, I cannot hear it soothes my mind to know you are near when the water is murky I await the all clear