centre your attention

Bit by Bit

Leaning into the future seems inevitable for the rabbit

Slipping back to the past is such a monkey man habit

Developing skills to stand in present time

Cultivate patience

Observe breathe and choose

Present time is where you have nothing left to lose

seeking roam answers?

wondering while wandering

roaming around looking for answers

all we find is reflections

more questions and sweet romances

H<3 I



Well this flower is my soul
But it’s not half of what I owe
I should give you every rose that I ever grew
But take this one here for a start
And you can keep it in your heart
I have everything I need because of you

Kasey Chambers – The Flower

Living WORDS

Be the peace you wish to see

…hold the calm watch the waves recede

Listen to your trusted inner knowingness

…those inklings you’ll hear floating above the rest

Be grateful and Smell the beautiful roses

…the thorns were meant to remind your noses

Touch the love you find within yourself

…handle with care as you dust off the shelf

Taste the freedom of the new world you start

…digest and believe in these living words of the heart


H ❤ I

PLAY with WORDS that FEEL good… loveLoveLOVE

in the happy hours imagine dragons


by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In happy hours, when the imagination
Wakes like a wind at midnight, and the soul
Trembles in all its leaves, it is a joy
To be uplifted on its wings, and listen
To the prophetic voices in the air
That call us onward. Then the work we do
Is a delight, and the obedient hand
Never grows weary. But how different is it
In the disconsolate, discouraged hours,
When all the wisdom of the world appears
As trivial as the gossip of a nurse
In a sick-room, and all our work seems useless.


set your own tempo

Truly Madly in-love following insanely out-of-tune

written pages and notes from a long forgotten show

fall below the stage

where acoustically deranged Angels play

to an applause of appreciation

as the Actors continually rehearse happiness

yet nobody really knows the Score

“Love Deeply Forevermore”

Hands Down

H ❤ I


I’m a believer



And all of me

Delusion or worth trying?

When I wanted sunshine I got rain

You gave 369 reasons for me to believe in you

you bring me in close you back off and it drives me insane

All I wanted was to feel close to real love

Following you with shades of envy

Green turning into blue

You know how

To play




Writing the Wrongs

sHe/U sees wrongs justified as distraction

forgive and forget let’s move on

sHe/U writes and longs for a workable reaction

same channel with a different song

forgive you forget we …..must stay strong

H ❤ I



sinking into a deeper sleep

switched off by fear of waking up

light bulbs blowing fuses

main circuit must be corrupt

H ❤  I