would you turn and face the sea…

…and calm, decide you care?

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So Many Nights
The Darkness
No Longer There

Lonely Moon
Sunny Moon
So Long
No Mountain
Strong Coffee
Til The Ocean Takes Us All
Voodoo Cowboy
Radio Song
Won’t Be Afraid

Real me back

Flying high with my wildest dreams

Until the wind enforced some changes

High as a kite with the promise of love

Letting go to a world full of strangers





branch stacking for PEACE

They sampled my fruit and made trophies from my leaves.  Branches are now stripped bare and strategically stacked for the ceremonial bonfire.  As I send out the last twig, with a first-class pigeon named Hope, I honour those before me and offer to light the spark in your bonfire heart.




sweet romances

Wondering while wandering

Always roaming looking for answers

Reflections shining back at me

More questions and sweet romances


Reach inside your own heart’s Inkling

Instead of endlessly searching outside

Don’t dismiss the lovely experiences though

Enjoy the journey, dream on… Warm Ride

H ❤ I

 No Bad Habits album




Everybody Knows Both Sides


It’s difficult to be serious

Whenever I’m around you


We slip into another disguise

Stretching toward the lights


Captured by the brightness in dark skies

Kamikaze pilots heading for the flame


Laughter as a reminder

To forget about the shame


Loved from both sides

You are only a smile away

H ❤ I


LOVEview… on the wings of an eagle

Receptivity and creativity are two wings of the bird. This flight towards the unknown can be completed only with both wings. With one wing the bird is not going to go anywhere. And remember, creativity is not more valuable than receptivity – they are equal, they are utterly equal. No wing, right or left, is greater than the other; cannot be. They are equal. They are not similar but they are equal.

REASON FOR HAPPINESS  The feminine principle is receptive and the masculine principle is creative, and both can only go together. Separate, they both suffer…….

OSHO quotes on receptivity  read more here….


Russell Morris – Wings of an Eagle

can you see me…?