branch stacking for PEACE

They sampled my fruit and made trophies from my leaves.  Branches are now stripped bare and strategically stacked for the ceremonial bonfire.  As I send out the last twig, with a first-class pigeon named Hope, I honour those before me and offer to light the spark in your bonfire heart.




LOVEview on the edge

daisy flower symbolic meaning is “childhood, innocence and purity” so the everlasting daisy would mean holding onto all of these qualities for all your life – forever.




Here am I

sitting in a tin can

far away from home

Planet earth is screwed

and there is nothing I can do


and follow me

thy Kingdom come


San Pedro

If you have misplaced an overactive ego

and dispossessed a fighting spirit

then you are probably Cactus !




Everything you send out there is speeding up on it’s return


Tip your love into dry spaces and show your brother some concern

H ❤  I



honeysuckle hummingbird

Whispering a beautiful and timeless message

Using a language beyond the spoken word

Honeysuckle sings the sweetest songs of love

Reaching heights attracting hummingbird

Entwined memories lay deep within the heart

Alluring fragrance unlocking the secrets of time

Holding a power to heal misunderstandings

The gift of flowers that became yours and mine

HeartSinkling LOVEview

Honeysuckle – the new will blossom as we learn from the past – adapt and endure

Hummingbird – the sweetest nectar is within