THREE hearts

THREE men I admire most

my father

my son and

my DJ ghost






Daily Astrology Numerology Forecast: August 15, 2015 – Venus conjunct Sun at 22° Leo on 22 Date

“August 15 brings balance and peace to your loving relationships. Strong feelings of affection, attraction and beauty infuse your day of love.”

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HOLD me close, don’t let me go

“Love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves; we simply awaken it. But in order to do that, we need the other person. The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with.”–Paulo Coelho

going home

We play the game to keep the gods entertained

Writing scripts of love then we keep it restrained

If we didn’t show something in our emotional state

They might start lining us up at the pearly gate

So we keep them amused and let them pull our strings

Until the moment we prove ourselves worthy earthlings


They told me I was clever tapping into another mind

But humans judge and complain when they don’t like what you find

Trying to do my best but always getting into trouble

I think I’ll take a hike get out of here on the double

I needed a lift but nobody’s going my way

Maybe I took the wrong track and got led astray











Twin flames are burning brightly

Dancing Together Alone

Throwing shadows on the ceiling

Swaying from the outer edge

Shimmering beams stretch for the centre


Crossed over, halo’s interlocked

Yet their light does not meet

As one moves forward

The other moves back

A dance of give and take


Joined yet never connecting

They sway, they tease

Back and forward

Not daring to enter the other’s circle

Circle of trust


Boundary of respect

Look but don’t touch

Longing to be one

Too close and you will burn

Playful banter between light and dark


Orange wax now melting

Two into one

Letting go of that which seemed separate

As one flame reaches its end

Smoke rising


Striking the match for life

No redhead will ignite

Only the flame of the one

Will rekindle

Briefly to reach for understanding


Something has died

The flickering has shifted

The time has come

To let go

Hearts sink before they float


Touching the hot wax

With each finger

A sensual reminder

To hold once more

The flame, my guiding light


Fingertips wipe tears

To say goodbye

With heartfelt gratitude

My restless soul

finds a calm resolve


As the wax from both candles

Meld into one

They’ll always be one

Together forever







the edge

PROCESS of intimidation, WHO do I follow?


Those angry words and fear based intimidation

Are they scaring tactics used like an ultimatum?

Most people will tell you “We don’t like that style”

Any day of the week they’d much prefer your smile


The scars are inflamed as we swallow our pride

Defensive swipes at reality is a choice we decide

Conceding defeat brings the grey coloured streak

Stress and anxiety has been bound and gagged all week


If it smells like competition question who’s in control

The ego challenging mind helps to dig a bigger hole

Then watch over your shoulder for those already under

The spell designed to infect your natural sense of wonder


Slicing through on the cutting edge some lead by example

Are they heading for tomorrow feeling sacrificed and trampled?

The path may be difficult, a seemingly endless task

Will “power and glory” bring us sunshine in which to bask?


If your inklings are strong stop and feel what is true

Surrendering to “what is” could create something new

Do unto others…. remember that line?

Follow your heart’s truth and look for the sign



they seek him here,

they seek him there

“Had he but turned back then, and looked out once more on to the rose-lit garden, she would have seen that which would have made her own sufferings seem but light and easy to bear–a strong man, overwhelmed with his own passion and despair. Pride had given way at last, obstinacy was gone: the will was powerless. He was but a man madly, blindly, passionately in love and as soon as her light footstep had died away within the house, he knelt down upon the terrace steps, and in the very madness of his love he kissed one by one the places where her small foot had trodden, and the stone balustrade, where her tiny hand had rested last.”
Emmuska Orczy, The Scarlet Pimpernel