The flowers blossom in the morning and die by afternoon or nightfall, making it representative of the sometimes fleeting nature of affection. But the vine produces new flowers every day during its growth season, representing the renewable nature of love.



heart healing

To Know a Veil



get me out of here !

ABC’s “To Know a Veil”

“Absolutely at your service

…forever we will Obey”

Attention to detail on how to act

…they’ll teach you their correct way

“Believe everything we tell you

…sit still while we adjust”

Brainwashing into submission

…from here you will oppose the word Trust

“Carry on regardless

…even if it hurts your head”

Courage is the only antidote

…down this path you must be led

“Dangers are presented now

…we’ll put you to the test”

Dilemma spells result to make you

…better than your best

“Eventually you will follow our rules

…and do exactly as we say”

Even when it seems so wrong

…and they tell you it’s OK

“Follow the path we designed for you

…and you’ll make us all so proud”

“Forget joining that Rock and Roll band

…the music is way too loud”

Growing up looks black and white

…nobody likes colours mixed

Girls and boys in their rightful place

…stay in line with their eyes fixed

“Hunger for something different

…we can’t express this to anyone”

“Happiness is that thought somewhere

…imagination will somehow run”

Interconnected by technology

…it’s taught like second nature

“Intelligence is downloaded

…dare not treat it like a stranger”

Jealousy won’t settle the score

…about science verses spirituality

Join as one harmonize in song

…we’ll find wonderful commonality

Knights and kindred spirits

…slaying dragons and nasty beasts

Killing will become obsolete

…traded in for sumptuous feasts

Lions will lay down with lambs

…extraordinary! they will say

Lead him not into temptation

…of hunting his natural prey

Noah reincarnated here

…Moses spoke with his burning bush

Men and Women will recognise

…leadership is not about the push

Narcissistic recollections sold

…counting sheep through lucky stars

No need to pay back that deed

…shepherds will heal the deepest scars

Oppressed we were downtrodden

…thoughts gather in our sleep

Overreaction is a mind made hold

…pray that your soul does not keep

Poets Priests and Politicians

…steer you down their garden path

Planting seeds of possibilities

…paper daisies make you laugh

Quietly contemplating

…whether or not to take a leap

Quantum theories will provide a clue

…about the benefits you will reap

Rest assured there are no prisoners

…no victims or perpetrators

Resurrected customs and tribes

…LOVEview our facilitators

Salvation will be delivered

…from sin and it’s consequences

Sitting still and waiting

…is like perching on high fences

Time is NOT your essence

…..your essence will never run out

Transcend fear to embrace your own style

….flow with grace is what it’s about



Understanding your own nature

…..letting the many stories go

Ultimately sets your spirit free

….guiding the Heart inklings to grow

Victims and play acting

…..will still be part of that game

Visibility now to see beyond

…..finds the big picture to stay sane

Wherever you may wander

……make the journey light and amusing

Wonderful discoveries unfold

…..when your higher self is choosing

X-rated thoughts run amok

…..pull them back to projecting PG

Xerox these reminders

…’s really that easy

Yesterday’s and tomorrows

….simply fade into the distance

You learn to stay in present time

….NOW you own your piece de resistance

Zero slides to full blast

… can rock into new vibrations

Zealously moving your whole body

… into higher expectations

H ❤ I



The Sun and Moon did oppose

Saturn’s task is almost complete

The flood gates were fully opened

Uranus and Pluto took the front seat


Neptune releases all prisoners

Souls cue to meet their maker

Jupiter expanded all possibilities

Pearly Gates standby Undertaker


While Mars reconciles with Venus

Mercury gave them a speaker phone

Now the Gatekeeper is calling all help

To guide these lost souls back home


H ❤ I

Transition Teams  


To the Pearly Gates we shall guide them

Eleven is the code and hidden theme

After all these delays and road blocks

More of the light will soon been seen

Saturday….. silence

Wake up in a new day but it don’t feel that new
Same faces around me with the same point of view
Everything is perfect and everything’s okay
Just swallow their lies and let your emotions fade
But my heart won’t be quiet, I feel a change

No more black and white
This life’s too colorful, beautiful
Don’t know what lies ahead but

I’m ready now, it’s time
gotta go, gotta get out
And leave my fear behind
nothing left for me here can’t stick around
My dreams are loud and my heart’s wide awake
And all I know is I’m not meant to be silent

Wake up to a new voice telling me where to go
It sounds like I got no choice but to keep on this road
Got my own opinion, my own words to say
Got my own visions, so I know I can’t stay
There’s no looking back now, I feel a change

I’m ready now, it’s time
And leave my fear behind
My dreams are loud and my heart’s wide awake
And all I know is I’m not meant to be silent






Twin flames are burning brightly

Dancing Together Alone

Throwing shadows on the ceiling

Swaying from the outer edge

Shimmering beams stretch for the centre


Crossed over, halo’s interlocked

Yet their light does not meet

As one moves forward

The other moves back

A dance of give and take


Joined yet never connecting

They sway, they tease

Back and forward

Not daring to enter the other’s circle

Circle of trust


Boundary of respect

Look but don’t touch

Longing to be one

Too close and you will burn

Playful banter between light and dark


Orange wax now melting

Two into one

Letting go of that which seemed separate

As one flame reaches its end

Smoke rising


Striking the match for life

No redhead will ignite

Only the flame of the one

Will rekindle

Briefly to reach for understanding


Something has died

The flickering has shifted

The time has come

To let go

Hearts sink before they float


Touching the hot wax

With each finger

A sensual reminder

To hold once more

The flame, my guiding light


Fingertips wipe tears

To say goodbye

With heartfelt gratitude

My restless soul

finds a calm resolve


As the wax from both candles

Meld into one

They’ll always be one

Together forever