The Secret of Happiness

Daddy Long Legs (musical)


Daddy Long Legs (novel) Jean Webster 1912

Daddy-Long-Legs (Daddy-Long-Legs, #1) by Jean Webster …

Daddy Long Legs (movie) 2005

IMDb 6.4/10
Daddy-Long-Legs is a 2005 South Korean romance film. It was one of four Korean movies screened at the 2006 International Fajr Film Festival in Iran. The story is loosely inspired by the novel Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster.

bring him home

Matt Damon on Mars

“The Martian” 2015

Up in space yet so down to earth

born 8th October, 1970

Sun in Libra

Moon in Capricorn

ASC Aquarius and MC Scorpio

Dominant signs SSSSSSScorpio Libra and Virgo

Mars nocturnal association rules Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo

other celebrities with Venus sextile Mars

George Harrison, Jeff Buckley, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Omar Sharif, Pamela Anderson, Matt Damon, Robert DeNiro, Natalie Cole, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson

Saturday….. silence

Wake up in a new day but it don’t feel that new
Same faces around me with the same point of view
Everything is perfect and everything’s okay
Just swallow their lies and let your emotions fade
But my heart won’t be quiet, I feel a change

No more black and white
This life’s too colorful, beautiful
Don’t know what lies ahead but

I’m ready now, it’s time
gotta go, gotta get out
And leave my fear behind
nothing left for me here can’t stick around
My dreams are loud and my heart’s wide awake
And all I know is I’m not meant to be silent

Wake up to a new voice telling me where to go
It sounds like I got no choice but to keep on this road
Got my own opinion, my own words to say
Got my own visions, so I know I can’t stay
There’s no looking back now, I feel a change

I’m ready now, it’s time
And leave my fear behind
My dreams are loud and my heart’s wide awake
And all I know is I’m not meant to be silent



going home

We play the game to keep the gods entertained

Writing scripts of love then we keep it restrained

If we didn’t show something in our emotional state

They might start lining us up at the pearly gate

So we keep them amused and let them pull our strings

Until the moment we prove ourselves worthy earthlings


They told me I was clever tapping into another mind

But humans judge and complain when they don’t like what you find

Trying to do my best but always getting into trouble

I think I’ll take a hike get out of here on the double

I needed a lift but nobody’s going my way

Maybe I took the wrong track and got led astray