shifting sands…

…times and tides




“a new beginning, a reason for living, a deeper meaning” Truly Madly Deeply

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To The Moon And Back
I Want You
Truly Madly Deeply
Tears of Pearls
Carry On Dancing
Break Me Shake Me
A Thousand Words
Santa Monica

New Moon licks old wounds

new moon resolution

old tune dissolution

will old acquaintance be forgot?

raise your cup

of heart centred kindness

and send goodwill hunting

for resolution of happiness

celebrations with festive bunting

prayer flags with positive intentions

offer flowers for forgiveness

a new life has begun its dawning

smile and wave now

sleepy heads will stop yawning

cherish old friendships

remembering wonderful times

with gratefulness

acknowledge good deeds

honour everyone

their uniqueness and needs

moving forward graciously

taking time to heal old wounds

loving and living life fully

counting bright stars and new moons

L ❤ H