Under, Over and Beyond

Undertones of darkness

that swirl around this place

leave a nasty smell

and a cringe worthy frown

disGust  blows through

like an unwelcome visitor


OverExposed in the sickness

of a fragmented mind

thoughts are fermenting

spilling to intoxicate and blind

staining the foundations

of the next best thing


Beyond our corrupted design

lies something greater I’m sure

imagination and dreamscapes

integrate what we have seen and heard

with all that we have touched and tasted

opening blooms with A.scent of the truth

H ❤ I… LOVEview

Under, Over and Beyond

3 steps

A.Scent of the Truth

B.Love and show love

C.Through the Veil



seeking roam answers?

wondering while wandering

roaming around looking for answers

all we find is reflections

more questions and sweet romances

H<3 I


Carry That Weight

Your history is my pain too

…lets shake off this field of debris

What’s yours is mine What’s mine is yours

…we lost sight of the forest because of the trees





Real me back

Flying high with my wildest dreams

Until the wind enforced some changes

High as a kite with the promise of love

Letting go to a world full of strangers





LOVEview… throwing love to all the strangers

Treasured moments when we unite and lovingly connect

…tempting demons from our past to conspire and recollect

Forever and a day we hear that calling to the Mind

…old habits we would rather leave in the past, far behind

Letting go time and again, this karmic stronghold

…strengthening our HeartSpace choices of Love over Gold

heartSinkling  LOVEviews




Heavenly Protector


Light the Fire

In honour of St, Brigid (composed by Liam Lawton, January 1993)

There travels forth from the passages of history
A woman’s voice that is heard across the plains,
That calls once more, for a people of new vision
To heal our wounds and green our Earth again,

She spreads her cloak ‘cross the land and far beyond it,
A shadow cast on a people void of hope.
She speaks of peace and the chains that weigh upon it
And there her light shall glimmer from the oak
And all that binds the people shall be broke.

So light the Fire of God’s desire
Within all hearts, let sorrows end.
So light the Fire of God’s desire
God’s chosen one, Your peace upon us send.

And wells now dry, shall issue forth with plenty
To flow upon the sad and parching earth,
To make a prayer from the hearts now tired and empty,
To call on her to bring about new birth,
To make anew the greening of the Earth.

So light the Fire of God’s desire
Within all hearts, let sorrows end.
So light the Fire of God’s desire
God’s chosen one, Your peace upon us send.

And we today need a prophet of new vision,
To lift the low – the forgotten child to heed,
To be the voice of the wounded and the weary,
To plant anew a fresh and peaceful seed
To dance the dance of God’s own Blessed Bríd.

So light the Fire of God’s desire…


St. Brigid of Kildare

Patronage babies; blacksmiths; boatmen; brewers; cattle; chicken farmers; children whose parents are not married; children with abusive fathers; children born into abusive unions; Clan Douglas; dairymaids; dairy workers; fugitives; infants; Ireland; Leinster, mariners; midwives; milk maids; nuns; poets; poor; poultry farmers; poultry raisers; printing presses; sailors; scholars; travellers; watermen

im just not sure anymore…

i said i love you

and that has not changed

im just not sure

if i can love all of you

all of the time

it’s easy to love those parts of you

that match the best parts of me

that may sound rather conditional

but that’s just how it came to be

we all have our vices and choices

no one can tell you they are wrong

some of us play a different tune

but like to sing the same song

heartSinkling H ❤ I



Living WORDS

Be the peace you wish to see

…hold the calm watch the waves recede

Listen to your trusted inner knowingness

…those inklings you’ll hear floating above the rest

Be grateful and Smell the beautiful roses

…the thorns were meant to remind your noses

Touch the love you find within yourself

…handle with care as you dust off the shelf

Taste the freedom of the new world you start

…digest and believe in these living words of the heart


H ❤ I

PLAY with WORDS that FEEL good… loveLoveLOVE

Everybody Knows Both Sides


It’s difficult to be serious

Whenever I’m around you


We slip into another disguise

Stretching toward the lights


Captured by the brightness in dark skies

Kamikaze pilots heading for the flame


Laughter as a reminder

To forget about the shame


Loved from both sides

You are only a smile away

H ❤ I


Eye will swallow my pride

The doors were opening

I saw them in your eyes

it scares me so

as I choke on my pride

Now that I wish to enter

your world of mystery

will you show me the way

and help me to see?

H ❤ I


in the happy hours imagine dragons


by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In happy hours, when the imagination
Wakes like a wind at midnight, and the soul
Trembles in all its leaves, it is a joy
To be uplifted on its wings, and listen
To the prophetic voices in the air
That call us onward. Then the work we do
Is a delight, and the obedient hand
Never grows weary. But how different is it
In the disconsolate, discouraged hours,
When all the wisdom of the world appears
As trivial as the gossip of a nurse
In a sick-room, and all our work seems useless.


Architect for Peace

The liars had moved in like unwanted house guests

…rummaging through the contents of her brain

They dominated the layers of compressed thoughts

…that were architecturally desiged to reframe

Persistent interior re-decorators had the ugliest mind made ideas

…compacted by blunt edge forces hammered solidly over the years

Constructed over an elaborate network of lies

…and built carelessly upon shaky ground

The Big facade later exposing their disguise

…with framework identified as seriously unsound

Deemed by authorities as structurally unstable

…Counsel would not approve her favourite muse

Lacking peaceful feelings for spirits joyful habitation

…his smooth dark cornices were flatly refused

Despite being well overdue for internal modification

…her applications were opposed and denied

No re-establishing of her wildest dreams with jubilation

…those building codes are old promises ruled by lies

Her extensions stretched lovingly over his multi-storey ambition

Engineers chose his screwed up mind for complete demolition

Irreparable damage they eventually did concede

contaminating neighbouring airspace was almost guaranteed

Condemned and marked for complete reconstruction

…the foundations of his Mind began rapidly unfolding

Demolished partly under his own Minds’ instruction

…sadly supported by dodgy scaffolding

As the walls eventually came crumbling down

…she walked up to shadows, reduced to ruin and rubble

Broken hearts strategically softened by sacred ground

…Crush, the everlasting rebound of recurring trouble

Excavation unearthed some blame and more sinning

…an appropriate starting point pegged for a new beginning

Believing dust will settle once overshadowing the Sun

…this eclipsed heartScape seeks foundation as One
Building a better MindSet nailed by faithful surrender

…the Master Plan corrupted She was bound to Re-member

Tears washed over blueprints and light sensitive information

…she had copied several Floor Plans left open for investigation

Her Mind now completely unfurnished has a much higher view

…double UNglazed windows allowing her own light through

Spacious room filled with LOVE and painting colours of happiness

…peaceful living arrangements… She plans to construct NOthing less


H ❤ I