Happy Valentine

pictures speak sixteen hundred and eleven words

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I just want to be your everything



LOVEview…Common Ground

murky waters… Am I supposed to be on the LEFT or the RIGHT ?

there seems to be an unsettling pattern underneath you!

You look different in this light…

Perhaps when the clouds disappear you would care to dance under the sun together?

Taking the lead seems to come naturally for me…

…You are an exceptional dancer but I noticed your shadow has expanded

We seem to have created a wonderful pattern, you me and my shadow…

…it feels good now that we have found a level playing field

Perhaps when the timing is right our shadows will meet in the middle…

…and eclipse those fears we hold on to so tightly?

No getting over you, I’m in way too deep…

…Shall we try a different way and see which patterns emerge for us?

Stop ! you are making me dizzy when you come around and spin my top…

…you keep exposing my shadow

OK, is this better? Lets start again with me on the other side…

…we can experience both sides now

(to be continued)





Although  it’s not your plan

And it’s not my idea

Maybe the cosmic theatre

Is enjoying a quite sneer

Whatever the reason

we play victim and hero my dear

it seems the rules and boundaries

were spelt out so very clear

losing our way home

circling year after year

handing the reins over

for someone else to steer

The ship has now arrived

It’s time to line up at the peer

I’ll always love you darling

no matter how far or near